Long and steep-ish descent until Saalbach









FATMAP difficulty grade



After exiting the Schattberg gondola, follow the Schattberg Nord exit (no.

1) to the reservoir at 1910m after the first left turn.

At the end of the plateau, the slope turns left.

Here, at your right, slip through the fence and you stand at the entrance of the Schmiedgraben.

Here, be especially careful on snowdrifts.

First follow a steep part, prevail with trees and meadows which then lead to the Schmiedgraben.

At about 1600m, the clearing in the trench is significantly narrower and somewhat flat.

Now to the left into the woods until you meet the old gondola route.

Follow this road down the valley and meet on about 1480m on a forest road.

Here there is a slightly uphill walk back to the middle station. After this forest road the gondola path is not too easy to see as before.

Nevertheless, follow it, always in close distance of the now very deeply incised trench.

At about 1300m you meet on the last steep slope of the Schattberg Nord next to the back slope and the gondola.

The lower part is particulary enjoyable with good snow.

When there isn´t enough snow in the lower part, its recommended to head back to the black slope instead.