Long 1000m descent









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A great descent that leads onto the N facing slopes of the Schattberg-West summit.

This exit is reminiscent in its lines (avalanche barriers, vegetation etc.) to the famous variant Rendel North Face from Arlberg.

The route described here can be extended to the left and right in the upper part, as there are many lines to choose from. After the ascent with the Westgipfelbahn, head over to the nearby summit (2096m).

Diagonally right behind it, begin the descent.

The peak area is usually free of snow, so here you need to carry the skis a few meters before you get to the northern slopes, at the right side of the metal avalanche barriers.

After the avalanche barriers, the forest begins (at about 1800m) and can be well travelled on a wide swath, through a deeply cut creek.

At 1470m you reach a forest road.

On this, you cross the stream to the left and after 100m you can continue.

Follow the forest road (1400 m), while the creek remains on your left.

You should be oriented to the left edge of the forest, because the stream bed is suddenly very steep and interspersed with rocky slopes.

Cross the forest road at 1300m and head down a fairly steep bit through a spruce forest, before arriving at 1150m on a flat clearing.

Follow this, while keeping to left and arrive at the valley station of Bergfried lift (1040m).