A medium level blue run on a ridge, popular with ski schools


Analysing terrain data








Exiting the Blauherd bubble/chair there is relatively long open section, cambered to the right, with views over the valley.

At the end of this section are two tracks, to the left (the entrance to the Obere National Black is to the right!) and both tracks quickly join up together for a flatter section, which drops away steeply to the right, and more gently on the left hand side.

At the end of this section you have the choice of a steep face for about 100m or a track to the right, to avoid the steep and busy section.

After this, the run continues over a couple of long gentle rollers onto the last short pitch above the Sunnegga restaurant, make sure you bring your A game, as everyone on the terrace can see! There can be congestion at the bottom of this run, as it is a common meeting place and also the top of the Findeln chair coincides with this point.