An always pleasing powder run that travels along the ridge of the south side of the Currie Bowl









A great place to find powder skiing even if it is a dry spell, the south ridge will often catch wind sift from the other sections of the Currie Bowl.

Take the White Pass Quad up to the top of the ridge dividing the Timber and Currie Bowls and exit on the right side.

The run starts here dropping into the Currie Bowl and taking you below some large cliffs along the southern ridge before descending into some rolling glades.

In this first open section many will ski down to the glades quickly but the best snow is saved for those who traverse farther along the ridge.

This section of the run is the end point for the expert Gotta Go (25) who will be entering in from the left.

The run ends by merging with the either the last section of Currie Powder (19) or you may return to the Timber Bowl via Trespass Trail (20).

Expert skiers may also cross these trails preferring to ski down the Bootleg Glades (23).