An exciting, quick groomer









Larch offers everything from mellow Green Runs to the Extreme Elevator Shaft and a gate to access the Backcountry zones of Wolverine Ridge and Purple Bowl.

To get to the Larch area you will need to get to the very back of the resort via either the Grizzly Gondola, The Top of the World Express or the Summit Platter.

All Back Bowl runs will lead you down a Cat Track named Pika that will lead to Larch.

Take the Larch Chair as you ascend the impressive Lipalian Mountain.

You will end up about midway up the mountain and have option to access hike and access the extreme terrain above. Head left off the chair and then straight ahead towards the Blue Larch Run.

The run is undulating and usually holds great snow.

Occasionally there can be Snow Cannons on this trail, and does see heavy traffic on the weekend.

Looking straight ahead you have a great view to the Ptarmigan trees.

Quickly descend this exciting blue run that will bring you back to the Larch Chair or the Ptarmigan chair.