Big Moguls on a Blue









This run typically has large moguls and can be difficult for beginner riders.

To find you must first find the Larch Chair.

Larch offers everything from mellow Green Runs to the Extreme Elevator Shaft and a gate to access the Backcountry zones of Wolverine Ridge and Purple Bowl.

To get to the Larch area you will need to get to the very back of the resort via either the Grizzly Gondola, The Top of the World Express or the Summit Platter.

All Back Bowl runs will lead you down a Cat Track named Pika that will lead to Larch.

Take the Larch Chair as you ascend the impressive Lipalian Mountain.

You will end up about midway up the mountain and have option to hike and access the extreme terrain above.

Once you get off the Chair head to your right past the Larch runs towards Marmot and on your left you will have the option to enter Wolverine.

The boulders and features in this area are quite large and can get bare in shoulder season, but if you are adept and moguls, this is a great run.

You will head around an elbow where you can naturally meet up with 30 Goats and slam some more moguls.

You will naturally meet up at the Larch Express and Ptarmigan Chairlift.