The classic line through the center of wide-open Lakeside Bowl









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Lakeside Bowl is a huge area sitting below the large cliffs above.

The views found here of the Coast Mountains are breathtaking, and the area receives a ton of sunlight throughout the day.

Lakeside Center is the main line through the center of the bowl, and a very popular spot to score some powder.

Follow Green Line from the top of the 7th Heaven Express, or Horstman T-Bar and continue past the first bend along the traverse.

There is usually signage indicating the conditions in the bowl and whether or not there is a significant avalanche risk present.

Continue through the gate and along the exposed traverse, which carefully squeezes between cliff bands above, and below you.

This traverse is exposed, and will likely be more intimidating then any of the actual skiing lying ahead of you.

Continue along the traverse to the center of the bowl just beyond the cliff band, and you will be in the heart of the Lakeside Center line.

Considering the size of this bowl, you have a ton of wide open space to enjoy, however you will need to get here early on a powder day as it is very quick to get tracked out, and the first stop for many in the 7th Heaven zone.

A truly breathtaking area with great snow to enjoy, this line a must-do!