Short but steep lines navigating the tight trees sandwiched between 7th Avenue and Expressway









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There are various short but steep and enjoyable lines accessed via the 7th Avenue road, which all end at the Expressway road.

This unmarked and gladed zone sits in the sub-alpine and therefore can be accessed by the Jersey Cream chair lift even if the alpine remains closed.

If stormy conditions in the form of high winds and low visibility are plaguing the alpine, these lines are easily accessed, and provide more visibility for a better storm skiing experience.

This area is large in nature with a plethora of options and therefore you will be able to distance yourself from the crowds.

Unlike the designated gladed runs below (Watch Out, Where's Joe etc.) where the trees have been selectively thinned out, the lines sitting below 7th Avenue feature tighter, untouched trees.

If you're looking for long tree runs, start off with the lines accessed off 7th Avenue, and continue on to the lower options after hitting Expressway road.

This zone features a steep pitch that is short but still worth your time, especially if you want to link up another tree run below.

Take the Jersey Cream Express and make a right at the top, following signage for 7th Avenue.

There will be a sign about the status of the 7th Heaven chairlift and if it is stormy, there is a high chance it will be closed.

Continue along past this point, as this path will lead you to some of the most enjoyable tree skiing still available despite avalanche or storm closures.

As the traverse winds along to the base of the 7th Heaven Express, choose any point you'd like to stop traversing and drop into your line below, all pitches are similar in length and nature, and offer the same type of experience.

Be aware of the very serious hazard of tree wells - it is important to ski or ride in pairs when attempting these lines.