Popular intermediate trail connecting the Lizard Bowl with the Lower Mountain by channeling skiers along the top of two tight gullies.









The final intermediate run along the south side of the Lizard Bowl, China Might (102) channels skiers through a wide ridge top bordered by two skiable gullies.

Starting at the mid section of the Lizard Bowl below the traversing cat track of Dancer (50) and just to the right of the end of Cascade (51).

The run starts in between two groups of tight trees that separate the trail-head from the start of the steeper Freeway (49) to the ridge on the right and China Wall (59) to the left.

Bordering these two neighboring runs will also be two tight gullies that are often seen as natural halfpipes by a few adventurous freeriders.

The main section of the run starts with a steep section at the beginning with small moguls forming on the left side of the run.

The right section tends to be groomed and the pitch of the run mellows out as it narrows at its midpoint before widening again as China Wall (59) merges into the left side of the run.

The run ends at the popular intersection for Deer Trail (38) and Dipsy (110), with the first run traversing south into the Lower Mountain beginner section and the the second winding down to the base of the Great Bear Express Quad.

On days with marginal conditions affecting the skiing of its neighbors China Might (102) is often the best exit point out of the south side of the Lizard Bowl.