This steep couloir is a slightly easier descent than its neighbour.









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Begin this tour at the bottom of the Vallee de la Manche, there is a regular bus from Morzine to the foot of the snow line.

Follow the snow road up through Le Charny, past the Lac de Mines d'Or and continue heading for the Col de Cou.

As you exit the forest at 1,506m turn left towards the chalets at Beau Bornon (1,514m).

Climb the Lechere coomb and, at 1,720m turn to the north.

Cross over a ridge at 1,900m to access the Fornet coomb and ascend the steep couloir that sits below the face and slightly to the right.

As you climb you will pass by a cave, keep to the left of it, and then continue up onto the east ridge.

Descend by the same route. This is a slightly easier ski than the left hand couloir, however the same cold conditions and good snow are needed here for freeriding, as the face is warmed constantly throughout the day.

If you attempt this route, be sure to head out very early in the morning.