Challenging line for experienced backcountry skiers with airy and exposed ascent.









FATMAP difficulty grade



To reach the summit of the Vorlaz you must first get to the top of the Cubore chairlift (the "up and over chair") via the Fornet bowl or by taking the Mossettes chairlift and skiing round to meet the Cubore at the other side.

Once at the top follow the traverse line underneath the Vorlaz on the Fornet side for about 100m.

You will then need to make a half hour hike directly up to the ridge up a very steep pitch.

In winter there is often an obvious boot pack to follow but beware that this is very steep and you will need to attach skis to your rucksack for the climb.

This south facing slope can become very warm in spring time and the snow can quickly become rotten so be sure to get here early. Once you reach the ridge follow the boot pack along to the summit.

It can feel very exposed in sections with the sides dropping away very steeply, it is important to feel confident about making such an ascent before you begin because once you are on the ridge there is no turning back.

To access to the south couloir on the western part of the mountain, you must ski 50m on the top before you drop down to the left on a short steep face above the reservoir just in front of you.

This is where the couloir starts.

You will finish your run at the Chavanette chairlift.

It is important to be aware of the snow conditions as this south facing aspect is very prone to avalanche during warm weather.