The longest run on the hill at 5 kms!









Cruising groomed run that takes you from the top of the Timber Bowl down through the Siberia Bowl to the base of the mountain.

To begin at the top of the run you must take the White Pass Quad up to the top of the bowl.

While at the top of the Timber Bowl enjoy the view of Fernie, as this is one of the few runs that doesn't face the town.

Although it does take you through the secluded valley of the gorgeous Siberia Bowl.

The first section that runs along the top of the Timber Bowl is a narrow cat track above the steep Shakey Acres (13).

If you do not enjoy skiing on the cat track you can also access the run from the Timber Bowl Express Quad skiing down Shooting Star (88).

The run will take you down the middle of the Siberia Bowl, and will have many other skiers in the area using it as a route out of the bowl.

The angle varies throughout the run making the distance not to much of a leg burner, yet at the last third of the run it becomes quite flat.

Keep up your speed on the last steep pitch in the Siberia Bowl to make it back to the base of the Timber Bowl Express Quad.