Easy accessible steep route. If you hike it is possible to enjoy a longer run.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Nice steep route on the Metzen southeast face, also one of the classic routes, because of it's good visibility from the chairlift.

Take the 8er Jet from the valley up to the top and move on to the chairlift 2000, then follow the ridge to the north for about 500 metres.

After 400 meters the ridge gets steeper and you can have a look down to where the ridge goes uphill in direction of the Metzen again.

Try to gain some speed here, to get as high as possible.

Now you can either move to the east or hike up to gain further metres for the descent.

When moving to the east, try to stay above the smaller rocks, which are about 100 metres away from the ridge.

Beyond them you can enjoy a steep descent and small cliffs to jump over.

The run is very spectacular with lots of fresh powder, but you need good weather for it, otherwise it is too dangerous here.

Don't ski this route in warm days of March or April, there it soon gets soft and the avalanche danger increases rapidly.