If King Con leaves you a little parched of adrenaline, shoot down Erika's Gold to access the Crescent Lift, with a hefty challenge on the way.









Erika's Gold holds similar characteristics to the other black diamond runs of the area, with a consistent fall line through the aspens down to Willy's Run, and similar to these runs, is an absolute dream when groomed.

With wide slopes which can also be mogulled at times, one can really lay down their turns, and work on your technique as you edge your way down the mountain.

Enjoy the run, and insider tip on a powder day, if you drop into the trees to the left or Erika's Gold from the top third, and bear right through the aspens to the right of the Eaglet lift, it can hold some late day powder which can be loved by those who don't quite have the confidence on steeper terrain, before dropping down into Men's SL or Erika's once more.