3.5 miles of mellow cruising accessed from many different lifts, to lead down to the base area









Homerun is a long, winding and easy run which starts from the top of Thayne's or Pioneer Lifts and winds for 3.5 miles to downtown Park City, making it a fantastic trail for beginners to build confidence and to develop the skills necessary for longer runs with a few steeper sections.

Homerun is the best run on the mountain for beginners when the crowds are sparse, however when the crowds build up, especially as Park City and Canyons do not have a huge amount of beginner terrain, this run can often be fairly congested during the holidays or whenever the crowds flock to the hills.

Nevertheless, even on the busiest of days, this run is very enjoyable for beginners and will present a challenge for some, as there are sections which get steeper particularly after Treasure Hollow drops to the right.

This run is fantastically groomed, yet can often be cut up at the end of a powder day late in the season.

A fantastic run for anyone on a quiet day, a truly great cruiser.