Easily accessible route with a lot variations, all visible from the 2000er lift.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The 2000er east face is one of the classic routes here.

Nearly ever freerider is comes here, so it's good advice to be one of the first on beautiful powder days.

The fastest way to get to the face is taking the 8er Jet from the parking lot directly to the top, then take the four man 2000er lift.

From the lift you have a nice view over the whole face and you can decide which line you are going to take.

At the top you need to exit the lift to the left and move further on the ridge in the northern direction, normally you can't miss it.

The first best entry to the slope is after about 200 metres.

When you drop into the slope you will have a lot of space at the beginning and a medium steepness, but it becomes steeper and some small cliffs appear, which you can use for jumping over.

Afterwards the terrain has some ridges, which are really useful islands of safety for regrouping.

Afterwards you just need to follow the terrain back to the 2000er chairlift, heading for the next run.

There are many variations, all visible from the lift, but therefore it's often very crowded.

You need good weather for doing the runs, otherwise you'll have not enough visibility.