A tough climb up to a traditional Austrian mountain hut.


2 - 3









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This is a great hike which is remarkably quiet given how enjoyable the journey is, and how special the Kolmhaus hut is.

Park up in the small village of Brandberg where there is a large parking area right next to the church. Walk back to the main road and follow it east briefly and then take a path on the left which cuts up through fields and is clearly signposted for the Kolmhaus.

Climb up through the fields to reach another road.

Turn right on the road and then follow it to where it becomes a path and heads towards some thick forests.

Climb into the forest and keep hiking up some steep and rocky sections of path to where it meets a jeep track.

Follow a combination of the jeep track and - where possible - some steep shortcuts all the way to the Kolmhaus hut. The hut is utterly charming and enjoys an extraordinary view across the Ahornspitze and the peaks of the Penken region.

It was built in 1927 and then in 1953 damage from an avalanche meant that it had to be essentially rebuilt.

In 1987 it received another makeover, but it remains - despite its 2 facelifts - a truly traditional old mountain building.

Enjoy the view and hospitality and then descend the same way or (if you're feeling energetic) extend the trip by traversing on the high path above Brandberg towards the hamlet of Stein, and descend from there. Alternatively, stay over at the hut and enjoy another hike the following day!