An amazing hike/scramble in the heart of the Zillertal.


3 - 4









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is a brilliant peak which is climbed via a tough, varied and exciting route.

The route starts at the Kolmhaus, which in turn is accessed by foot or bike.

Doing the approach to the Kolmhaus and then summiting this peak on the same day makes for a huge day, so most people break up the trip with a night at the Kolmhaus, which - as you'll understand when you've visited it - is no chore. The path from the Kolmhaus to the summit begins in lovely alpine meadows and then begins climbing up - steeply in places - to a broad col due west of the summit.

The ascent to the col is non-technical but it does take you across some scree and some steep, rocky sections of path.

Turn left at the col and climb even more steeply towards the Brandberger Kolm's summit tower.

Cross a scree slope and then zig zag up to the final part of the summit tower.

Just below the summit there is very easy but exposed scrambling required for a couple of minutes, after which you emerge onto the Brandberger Kolm's summit ridge, 10 metres away from the summit cross.

Stroll up to the top and soak in the fabulous view across the legendary peaks of the Zillertal.

The final scramble is easy but would be slippery and potentially quite treacherous in wet conditions so avoid the peak if there is bad weather forecast. The summit is utterly wild and feels amazingly remote so enjoy it for a while and then descend by the ascent route to the Kolmhaus and on down to Brandberg.