Nice route with good view from the chairlift nearby, also containing small cliffs.









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Wedelride is a good route for one your first freeride lines here in the resort.

From the Wedelexpress chairlift you can have a really good view of the face, to check your line before you enter.

You need to get to the highest point of the resort, so when you come from Hochfügen you need to take the Zillertal Shuttle to the top or the Wedelexpress from Kaltenbach.

At the top you need to hike 250 meters along the ridge at the right of the Wedelexpress to the northeast direction.

You pass some avalanche barriers, then you need to go through the big gap before you pass the last barriers.

You'll have a steep slope in front of you so try to keep a safe distance between you, because of the avalanche danger.

The slope is pretty wide and you'll find enough space for your own line.

After the 800m long descent you need to stay more on the right side to get back to the Wedelexpress.

The route needs good visibility otherwise it is too dangerous.