Long descent with a big wide slope, easy to reach from the Zillertal Shuttle









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This route is a Hochfügen/Kaltenbach classic, it is easy to access and provides a long descent with no big effort.You reach this route when you exit the Zillertal Shuttle from Hochfügen and move immediately to the left under the Zillertal Shuttle and cross the Northwest Hill in a southerly direction.

Normally, if you are not the first to ski into this area, there should be a track which is easily to find.

Follow this path for about 500m, there are some short parts in it where you may have to pole over some small hills, but try to stay as high as possible.

After 500m where there is a big ridge cutting through the hill you need to follow the track around it for 500m until you can have a look down the face.

You will notice some cliffs at one point, here it's good to have a look down onto the face, to choose your line.

You will see a mountain hut near the bottom of the hill.

Go in the direction of the hut, you should not have a lot problems down here, it's a wide slope, with some steeper and flatter parts in it, really fun playing with the different slope angles.

This 700m long descent ends in a small valley on a little track after the mountain hut.

You can follow this track now back to the carpark in Hochfügen.

It's important to stay on the east side of the valley, otherwise you'll end up in the woods and a small valley.

This route is really beautiful, but there aren't any trees, so it's advisable to ski this run only on days with good visibility.

Also check the avalanche report before you head there.