What qualifies as an "intermediate" run at Keystone.


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Eye of the Tiger and Mosquito Coast qualify as Keystone’s “intermediate” trails… but if you progress straight from Girl Scouts to Eye of the Tiger, you’ll be in for a bit of a shock.

Eye of the Tiger is accessed via Girl Scouts, but there aren’t many other trails on the mountain to help you make the jump from the green trail to the blue trail.

While Eye of the Tiger can roughly be rated as an intermediate blue trail, it’s undoubtedly on the upper end of that spectrum. The trail begins fast and somewhat steep, dropping into a series of root webs, rock gardens, and sharp turns as it blasts down the mountainside.

Many of the corners on this run are bermed, and you’ll find occasional jumps and features sprinkled between the rock gardens and steep chutes.

Lower down, the character of the run mellows out a little bit and gets flowier and overall smoother.

That said, Keystone’s reputation as a rough, gnarly downhill bike park proves true even here—even the smooth “flow” trails are actually quite technical and chunky.

Riders need to be prepared to blast through rock gardens while simultaneously setting up for tabletop jumps—a feat that many may not be accustomed to. If at first you don’t adapt to Keystone’s old school gnar, take another run or two down Eye of the Tiger and Mosquito Coast.

Soon enough you’ll be used to bashing through the chunk and whipping through the tight corners.

After a couple of runs, you'll undoubtedly be having a blast and itching to try the more difficult trails!