An insane double black diamond run that turns the gnar up to 11.


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The three-trail combination following Milk Way to High Speed Dirt to Jam Rock creates Keystone’s iconic double black diamond tech run.

Approach these trails with a healthy degree of caution and respect.

When Keystone gets serious about its gnar, it doesn’t mess around! Milk Way begins with a series of decent-sized tabletop jumps mixed with drops and step downs.

In classic Keystone fashion, even the air-oriented features are janky and awkward, requiring sniper jump skills.

There’s little room for error with narrow, short landings.

The character of this run combination changes dramatically when it hits High Speed Dirt.

The main feature on High Speed Dirt is a series of ultra-steepy, rocky chutes just past a service road.

Even the easiest option down these chutes is a butt-puckering affair filled with steep rock rolls to bombed-out holes and sliding scree.

And the big lines down the chutes? Think mandatory airs to sniper scree-filled landings.

Be sure to scout the various lines your first (or even second) time down this run. Jam Rock keeps the gnar flowing, and tightens up the character of the trail substantially.

Keep an eye out for narrow, exposed bridges interspersed between steep rock rolls. Milky Way, High Speed Dirt, and Jam Rock are three of the iconic double black diamond trails that help give Keystone its reputation as an ultra-gnarly downhill park.

A reputation that you’ve now seen is well-earned.