Keystone's classic top-to-bottom black diamond run.


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While the title of this route down through the Keystone Bike Park may seem like a mouth full, once you get on the mountain and start shredding you'll discover that this trail combination is the most logical top-to-bottom black diamond run on the mountain.

Begin by dropping in on Cowboy Up and follow the trail to Holy Diver, TNT, Paid in Full, and Wild Thing. Along the way, there are a few options to vary the run, but eventually, you'll return to this main line one way or another.

Up top, "Motorhead" offers a variant near the initial drop in.

"Money" further down the mountain offers another alternative.

And of course, you can make the run even more difficult by picking up double black diamond options such as Even Flow and Sanitarium.

If you stick to the main run, Cowboy Up begins with some fast lines and big hits.

One iconic section of this trail runs through a massive rock garden, straight down the ski slope. Holy Diver and TNT mix big jumps with chunder in classic Keystone style.

The jumps continue into Paid in Full, but keep an eye out for a set of three diving board-style drops.

Choose your height based on your confidence! Numerous trails funnel into Wild Thing, so you're likely to ride this seciton of singletrack on many of your laps down the mountain.

This black diamond finish is all about the gnar, with cascading rock drops, blown out trenches, tight rocky switchbacks, and more.

After you run through this trail a few times, you'll undoubtedly get the lines down, get your confidence up, and rail faster and faster each consecutive run. If high speed ripping down gnarly trails is your jam, then this run at Keystone needs to be on your list!