An ultra-steep double black diamond finish.


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The route mapped here for Even Flow appears shorter than the others in the Keystone Bike Park, but that’s just because it’s not connected to other trails in the map.

In reality, it flows well with all of the other black and double black trails on the mountain.

Even Flow begins at the same location as Wild Thing, in a big trail junction about 2/3 of the way down the mountain.

Most riders will choose to ride Wild Thing but, if you like steep wooden bridges and challenging singletrack, consider Even Flow as a double black diamond finish to your run. If there’s one word to describe Even Flow, it’s “steep!” The trail begins with steep cascading drops down a series of water bars and then funnels into a tight, steep wooden bridge covered in chicken wire.

This trail requires full-on commitment—once you drop into the steep sections, stopping your progress and bailing out isn’t an option.

One or two of the switchback corners do flatten out enough for you to put a foot down and take a breather, but especially once you’ve dropped into the bridge roll… you are committed! If you dig ultra-steep brake-burning mountain biking, then Even Flow is for you.