A fun, flowy jump line down an old road grade.


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In the description for Eye of the Tiger and Mosquito Coast, I noted that there isn’t an intermediate trail in the Keystone Bike Park that adequately helps riders progress from the green beginner trails to the challenge that they’ll find on Eye of the Tiger.

But technically, that’s not true. Logger’s Way -> Boy Scout is much easier than Eye of the Tiger.

However, the catch is that the only way to access Logger’s Way is by even more difficult, black diamond trails—Cowboy Up, Holy Diver, TNT, and Holy Roller.

Thus, it still isn’t a good progression run, but rather serves as an interesting alternative if you’re looking for something a bit different. Logger’s Way feels like an old logging road grade that’s been turned into a mountain bike trail.

Easy tabletop and sender jumps have been added for fun air opportunities, and big berms have been constructed in the corners to help riders keep their speed up.

This trail is a fast, flowy romp down the mountain that offers a welcome relief from the endless gnar found on the other trails.

While not a true flow trail, Logger’s Way still offers a fun flow experience.