The true singletrack gem in the Breckenridge Bike Park.


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Game Trail is the true singletrack gem in the Breckenridge Bike Park for upper intermediate riders and beyond.

While this singletrack rip still definitely falls into the category of lift-served cross country riding, if you view it as a cross country trail, Game Trail shines as a diamond in the rough. This singletrack swings further away from the chairlift than any of the other trails in the park, requiring a bit of pedaling to get out to the main descent.

Most of that pedaling and traversing takes place along the upper reaches of the trail.

Where the singletrack crosses the ski runs, wide-open panoramic vistas of the valley below and the mountains in the distance open up in front of you—simply stunning! Even along the upper section, the singletrack is much more technical and more interesting than the other trails in the park.

Bigger berms, jump options, and interesting rock gardens keep the traverse interesting and engaging. Once the main traverse is over, the singletrack turns downhill with a vengeance! The rip down the mountain is the steepest and fastest of any in the Breckenridge Bike Park.

When the singletrack enters the trees, the trail tread gets respectably gnarly in a hurry! Several chunky rock gardens will keep riders on their toes, with eroded root webs in between offering a constant pounding and technical challenge.

Optional drop and jump lines are available, if you spot them. While the rocks and the roots are entertaining and fast due to the long sight lines and relatively straight trail, the grade of the trail isn’t very steep.

This allows Game Trail to be accessible to most intermediate riders.

Intermediate riders can slow down and pick their way through the obstacles, while advanced riders can let off the brakes and blast through the gnar, boosting off the jumps and the drops. If you have a penchant for chunky downhill ripping and find yourself riding the Breckenridge Bike Park, be sure to session Game Trail at least a few times.