A flowy beginner trail running top-to-bottom in the Breckenridge Bike Park.


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The Breckenridge Bike Park isn’t so much a “bike park” in the traditional sense of the term as it is a selection of lift-served cross country trails designed for tourists who may have never ridden a mountain bike before.

In keeping with that mentality, Swinger Trail may just be the easiest lift-served singletrack trail you’ll ever ride.

This flowy trail runs all the way from the top of the chairlift back to the base lodge, crisscrossing the mountainside as it slowly wends its way down the mountain.

The trail tread is utterly smooth with no obstacles to cause issues as you descend.

However, it is still a singletrack ride, so those unfamiliar with mountain biking do still need to be aware of loose sections of dirt, gravel, small rocks, and flat corners.

The trail grade is mellow the entire way down.

In fact, it’s so mellow that most people will have to do a good bit of pedaling in some sections.

Again, don’t think of Swinger as a beginner-level flow trail—think of it as a smooth XC trail that just happens to have a chairlift running to the top of it.

Consequently, while a few of the turns are slightly banked, most of the corners on Swinger are quite flat.

Bear this in mind if you come into the turns with speed. While most of the trail crisscrosses the open ski runs, some sections do dive into the trees, providing delightful flow through the pines.

These sections generally have better dirt, providing a welcome break from the dryer sections out in the sun. If you’re looking for an easy entry into the sport of mountain biking, you can’t beat Swinger!