Long and enjoyable groomer offering great views









Symphony Express houses great intermediate terrain that is more isolated and gives a more unique and quiet feel along with amazing views.

The groomer Adagio is one of the best intermediate options in the zone.

Starting from the left at the top of the Symphony Express, this groomer winds through the zone with views of Flute Bowl to the right before descending into the trees, taking a more center route in comparison with Jeff's Ode to Joy.

This run drops you off at the base of the Symphony Express, as you must ride the chair itself and take the Burnt Stew Trail to get out of the zone.

As a result, be aware that this chair closes earlier than other lifts in the alpine, and getting stuck here means having to walk along the Symphony Rescue Road, which is no fun task.

This run is deservedly popular, and you will most likely find it crowded at most times of the day.

The top section is more narrow and you are more likely to notice the crowds around you, and this section is more routinely groomed.

Lower down there is a more likely chance you will encounter moguls, and this run is usually icy and fast in the morning before it eventually softens up.