Steep and fast groomer run









Whistler Blackcomb has made it a point to invest in an option for intermediate terrain off of the Peak Express which features mainly more challenging bowls and couloirs.

The result is the Saddle, which is located to the left of the top of Peak Chair via Matthew's Traverse or from the top of the Harmony Express.

You will see posted signage pointing you in the direction of the steep and narrow drop in, which can also usually be quite busy and can feature occasional moguls up top depending on the time of year.

The Saddle is one of the best intermediate-rated trails available on either mountain, as the narrow top section gives way and widens, however the run remains steep throughout before flattening out and returning you to the base of the Peak Express.

This steep slope allows you to pick up a ton of speed, despite not being overly long in terms of length.

If you want a groomer that you can use to go really, really fast, the Saddle comes highly recommended.