Long steep double blue run with a lot of vertical









Tycoon is one of the longest, most sustained steep groomed runs at Deer Valley.

It is accessible from the top of Bald Mountain.

From Sultan Express, turn right.

From Wasatch or Sterling Express chairlifts, turn left and ski to the right side of the Wasatch lift line.

The first pitch of Tycoon is the steepest.

the steepness decreases as it passes the split with Evergreen on the right and Reward on the left.

Tycoon heads slightly right and steepens for a long sustained wide double blue section leading to trail mergers with Evergreen from the right, and Perseverance from the right before flattening and turning left toward the bottom of Sultan Express.

Skiers should be comfortable on all blue groomed terrain and changing conditions.

Due to the large drop in elevation, 1,760 feet, the snow consistency can change drastically from top to bottom.

Watch for slick patches of firm scraped snow at the top in cold windy weather to very thick corn and slush at the bottom in spring.