Also known as the Pfeifferhorn Intersection to Hidden Peak, this ridgeline follows Little Cottonwood Canyon









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Start at the Red Pine Trailhead and head up Red Pine trail to Red Pine Lake, continuing towards the saddle as if you were heading to summit the Pfeifferhorn.

Once you reach the saddle (also known as Pfeif Intersection) take the ridgeline towards White Baldy (this is the opposite direction to the Pfeifferhorn).

When you reach the top of White Baldy you'll notice the ridgeline becomes much spicier with rocky sections.

Take the time to check you are on the correct route here so you don't cliff-out or have to backtrack.

Make your way down from the top of White Baldy and head towards Red Baldy via West Pass.

At the summit of Red Baldy continue to take the pronounced ridgeline, traversing towards Red Top Mountain.

From Red Top Mountain, take in the stunning views of the American Fork Twin Peaks which are just a few hundred vertical feet away.

Then hike and scramble towards the American Fork Twin Peaks along the ridge at a dizzy height of 11,200 vert ft.

From the top of the American Fork Twin Peaks head along the rocky ridgeline towards the top of Snowbird Ski Resort (also known as Hidden Peak).

From here you can see incredible views of the entire Wasatch range, it's worth stopping to catch your breath and take in the views.

Once you reach the top of Hidden Peak you have the choice to take the Snowbird Tram down to the bottom of the Resort or follow the trail back down.