One of the greatest lines in the Wasatch, the NE Couloir off of Lone Peak is long and steep with beautiful rock lined walls in a remote setting.


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The quickest and "easiest" access if from the town of Alpine.

Use your google maps to get yourself to Aspen Drive and park here.

Follow the road then the trail until you hit snow and skin up through the open meadows until you hit the wide open slopes that lead to the summit.

Follow the ridge to the S summit, then traverse over to the N Summit.

The summit of Lone Peak is a spectacular place to be in the winter.

The entire Salt Lake Valley is at your feet.

You can't quite ski right off the summit, but damn near it.

The run starts steep, near 50 degrees and softens to 45 and parks it there for nearly 1,500 feet.

The run is straightforward and straight down until it can cliff out in lean years which seem to be the norm lately.

In fact, it hasn't filled in enough to ski cleanly in many years.

However, once you get to the cliff you can traverse skiers right to avoid the cliff and get onto the apron.