Long, narrow, and winding, this run gives skiers access to and from Deer Crest.









Little stick is a long narrow blue run which descends from the top of Bald Eagle Mountain all the way to Snow Park Lodge.

There are multiple junctions and ways off and on.

The run is best broken into three sections.

The first section can be skied from the top of the Homestake or Carpenter chairlifts.

The run is at it's widest here.

Gentle blue terrain steepens with views of the St.

Regis hotel.

As Little Stick passes two black runs, Know You Don't and Champion, it turns right and narrows emptying onto the top section of Big Stick.

The terrain here is wide and gentle.

Stay right onto the flatter but narrow and winding middle section of Little Stick.

Skiers can join Little Stick here from Kimberly or Roamer.

It is much easier than Big Stick.

After the flat winding middle section, Little Stick merges with Deer Hollow and Gnat's Eye.

Deer Hollow leads to the St Regis, and Mountaineer Express.

For the third section of Little Stick, turn sharply left and descend a short, narrow steeper section towards Snow Park Lodge.

Traffic can be thick on the bottom section, so watch for slower skiers, and stay left if the cat track gives you anxiety.

At the bottom the run widens.

Skiers can stay on the gentle wide run with potentially fast traffic coming off the harder runs, or go right through the gate onto Wide West, the beginning terrain at Snow Park Lodge.