Long moderate winding green run









Turn right at the top of Sterling Express, then stay left for green terrain.

The top couple hundred yards have some of the finest views at Deer Valley.

This is a favorite stop for families wanting group photos.

Sharpshooter photographers are often here and will be happy to take professional photographs.

The views are of the higher Wasatch peaks to the west.

A sign part way down, marks the more obvious summits.

As the trail curves left, Heber City can be seen far below in the valley to the south, approximately 4,000 feet down in elevation.

A wind fence marks a hairpin turn to the right.

Ski the steepest part of Homeward Bound to where it splits.

Homeward Bound turns left, and Sunset continues straight.

Low angle ungroomed aspens can be found to the left, marked as "Silver's Aspen Slalom," a childrens' adventure zone.

Homeward Bound continues to wind through the woods and merge with Ontario which comes from the right.

At this four way intersection, check your traffic.

for Homeward Bound, turn sharply right.

The run is a narrow but flat cat track to where it empties out, low on Birdseye at the top of the Judge chairlift.