Long blue run from top to bottom of Sterling Express









Descending mostly under Sterling Express, Birdseye is the most direct line back to Silver Lake Lodge, and typically the most popular.

The top of the run is the steepest.

It can be very challenging on a busy day due to being scoured and scraped, especially if it is windy and cold.

In prime snow conditions the top of Birdseye is a moderate to challenging blue.

Several lift towers down, the run becomes more mellow as it narrows and goes left of the lift line.

After a short rollover, Sunset joins from the left.

Birdseye continues on low angle blue terrain.

As the run bends slightly right, the terrain becomes steeper.

At the bottom of this pitch, The runout from Nabob joins from the right.

To the right is the beginning of the NASTAR race course, open to the public at a small fee, and Little Reb.

Continue left down a steeper, but still blue pitch Watch your speed as Homeward Bound joins from the left, a green run and slow skiing zone.

The Judge chairlift unloads on the left side as well.

Ski carefully as many trails come together near the bottom of Sterling Express.