The easier route into West Bowl









As with Beaver, it's a route into West Bowl.

Often slightly easier than Beaver as it's got a moderately steep start, followed by a mellow finish.

Some nice trees exist just to skiers right, but not worth going far into as you'll be wanting to go back to lift accessed terrain to prevent a long walk out.

Sometimes suffers from being lower elevation, making conditions challenging; best ask a local what it's like before giving it a go if uncertain.

It can be your quickest (and sometimes only) route into West Bowl.

Quickest by taking Easy Rider Express chair up, then following Easy Street along to it; best for a powder day.

Only way in if the upper lifts of Grand View are on wind hold.

Remember in the trees to stay safe; ride in pairs at least, with a helmet and a plan.

Look out for tree stumps and undergrowth in early season; a foot of powder can obscure a lot.

Best to wait until it's really filled in.