A technical and fun mountain bike trail


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Starting in the Plaine Joux car park, this mountain bike trail takes you down to the quiet little village of Servoz. You can choose to cycle or drive up to Plaine Joux on the road.

In Plaine Joux are some small huts with food and drink, which, if you've cycled up, you'll be glad of! It's a tough climb up there so this day becomes much harder if you ride up. The trail starts from Plaine Joux and you drop immediately down to the beautiful Lac Verte.

After a very short uphill section around the lake, you follow the trail off to your right hand side and it almost immediately becomes steep and technical.

Look out for fallen trees on the track and the odd hiker that also might be on the trail. At the bottom the trail becomes more flowy and there are even a couple of fun wood features. You eventually join the road again which you can choose to follow down to the town of Servoz or head back up for another lap! If at all possible, try to organise a shuttle so that you don't need to redo the ascent to Plaine Joux by bike!