Super long green with some steeper sections









One of the longest greens you'll see in Tahoe at 2.5miles long.

Not the place to start your sliding career however; that's best left to the trails around the magic carpet lifts, and the Easy Rider chair.

The run starts off super mellow (almost flat - similar to Upper Snowshoe, but without the park), with the opportunity to cut into both the 'Wampa Cave' kids adventure area, and through the trees mid way through the 'Gold Rush' kids adventure zone.

There can also be a bunch of natural jibs on this section; if you're a more advanced rider, keep your eyes open for them. After this, there is an approx 300 foot long steeper section that tends to be narrow, with seasonally variable snow conditions; can often be busy and tricky, especially around peak times.

This leads onto a mellow, wide area of the run known as the Tortilla Flats (wide and flat, with a banked wall that's fun to ride if more advanced).

If you're new to the sport, ride a reasonable distance away from the bank on the left side as it tends to be ridden aggressively by more advanced riders.

If you are one of those advanced riders, try riding along the plateau on the top of this bank (conditions permitting). After the flats, there is another short steeper section (under 100 feet long) to negotiate before it flattens out again.

At this point, pay attention to the trail markings to make sure you continue on Sugar and Spice, as it's fairly easy to take a left onto Upper Main and Corkscrew (both still greens).

Please note; if you're a beginner snowboarder, you want to take Upper Main to Corkscrew as the lower part of Sugar and Spice is suuuuuper flat, and you will hate your life if you take it.

Lower Sugar and Spice is prime for beginner skiers however! Sugar and Spice continues on with two more short steeper sections (under 200 feet long) in the mix, but if possible carry your speed as each is immediately followed by tons of flat terrain.

This section is best done in the morning, when the snow is faster, or you will be walking (unless you're beyond a beginner, and fine carrying speed). The run finishes at the confluence of Grand View Express and Tahoe King, so it's an easy one to lap if you so desire.