Steep tight trees









FATMAP difficulty grade



This is backcountry off the Pali Chair.

This zone can be accessed from the top of the Pali Chair, get off the chair and drop down to the skier's left, looking for the backcountry gate.

Enter the gate and follow the access to the steep gullies except stay hard skier's left and drop into the trees.

These trees are very tight but there are good turns in here.

This zone skis well in mid-winter and earlier in the day.

Keep in mind, it is SW facing so the snow gets sun quickly.

Follow the line out into a small gully and keep your speed through the dead spots.

You will then encounter a second pitch with some trees into another dead spot.

Make sure you keep your speed here as well and follow the path on the way out.

You will get to a creek and have to find the snowbridge to cross the creek.

Once you cross the creek, look for a bootpack that goes straight up to the highway.

Now take your chance at finding a ride back to the ski area.