Flat bowl to steep tree skiing









FATMAP difficulty grade



On this line, you are traversing across the ridge downhill to access a "plateau" in the middle of the run and then dropping back into the trees skier's right.

This is a tough line to follow and access correctly, but it needs to be mentioned because there is some great tree skiing in this line.

From start to finish: enter through the backcountry gate up top, then traverse skier's left.

When you drop, favor skier's left on the flatter side of the bowl.

Keep your speed as you will come to the plateau and it will flatten out, still flavoring skier's left staying on top of the plateau.

The trees here will vary in spacing and once you arrive to the top of clearing in the trees, you have the option to drop in.

Look to your skier's left across the slope and you should see an open powder field.

You have options here to drop right away or continue across the slope.

The marked route is only one option and as you can see from imaging, there are many more options.

Please note this area can have high avalanche danger because of the rock outcroppings and cliffs.

Now choose your route wisely down through the trees and into the exit route out.

As the pitch flattens out, be aware of gully that could be a severe terrain trap.

Enjoy some excellent tree skiing!