A very classic ride below Plateau Rosa for intermediate to expert riders









FATMAP difficulty grade



The Spazzatura is another very popular off piste line, on par with Theodulo, Carlo and Roberto runs.

It's one of the very first lines that freeriders choose because of its beauty and medium-sized descent, easily reachable again getting the Cime Bianche - Plateau Rosa cable car "140". The most dangerous section is the first quarter, where many crevasses are usually hidden by the snow.

So please follow the very upper line or the very bottom one, closer to the rocks that separate Plateau Rosa to Cime Bianche lift building. After this wide part, you will find the less dangerous section, showing you a really beautiful panorama towards the Matterhorn and Grand Murailles ridge. If the snowpack is shallow, don't forget that the whole area here is rocky, so potentially dangerous. Following the narrower line towards Carlo and Roberto lines, you will then turn left towards the right side of the Cime Bianche lift building. Avoid to stay too far left because there is a hidden lake. Go straight towards the snowcat path and back to Cime Bianche - Plateau Rosa lift.