A classic line starting from Plateau Rosa and going towards the very center of the resort. For advanced and experienced skiers.









FATMAP difficulty grade



Carlo is a classic run.

It's one of the most tracked off piste lines when the powder covers the upper part of the resort.

With its beautiful panorama, moderately challenging slope and good distance from groomed tracks, don't miss this line if you come here, but pay attention to hidden rocks, there are plenty here. Drop in leaving Plateau Rosa towards Zermatt, but just go on more or less 30m then cross the boundary and continue straight, far to but parallel to the on-piste line. Passing the middle line of the wide glacier area, go leftwards and then keep the right side of the run. Enjoy some fun turns in the beauty that surrounds you and keep following rightwards (not too much otherwise you may risk to go on the cliffs facing Theodulo!) then enter the steep section, which will turn even steeper towards the end of the slope. When entering the steep part, please pay attention to hidden rocks, as there are plenty here even with a deep snowpack. Towards the end of the run, the line will widen and keeping your speed will be decisive to reach the snowcat path without walking. At the end of the off-piste line you can choose whether to go up again with the cable car at Cime Bianchi or stay on piste on Ventina, as well as cross the snowcat path and drop into the Barmaz freeride line (long but potentially dangerous).