An easy wide off piste run that must be made with someone that knows this area, plenty of hidden crevasses here.









FATMAP difficulty grade



This freeride line is easy reachable from Plateau Rosa, following the start of piste number 7 Ventina.

As soon as you start the piste cross the groomed boundary and stay uphill going closer to the icy peak in front of you, its name is "Gobba di Rollin".

Please, seriously, pay a lot of attention to hidden crevasses here and go here only if you are with someone that knows the area.

You should carry crevasse rescue equipment including a 30m rope as a precaution. Staying close to the Gobba di Rollin is relatively secure since most of the crevasses are in the central part of the slope.

The panorama here is wonderful: an open wide run with a view of the Matterhorn and the sunny resort below you.

The ride is not steep and it can be made also by beginner freeriders with little experience of powder snow.

Please note that - in any case - it's necessary to bring some speed to float and reach the end of the run on the Ventina piste.