Highly crevassed but good skiing, this is a step up from the Vallée Blanche both technically and in the seriousness of the glacier.









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A great variation on the classic Vallée Blanche offering wide open steeper skiing options and excellent off-piste skiing in an absolutely breathtaking setting.

The environment is very serious and should not be underestimated; the route is not maintained, secured or controlled and follows extremely crevassed terrain.

People die here every year and you should only set off if you have the necessary skills, experience and equipment for skiing on a glacier.

The route is long and excellent weather is required to complete the route safely; this is no place for bad weather or poor visibility.

If you have any doubt, hire a mountain guide.

Make your way down the north ridge of the Aiguille du Midi, which is equipped with a handrail during the winter season but is still exposed! Crampons for the arete are not essential but make it more enjoyable.

Get your skis on at the broad col at the foot of the ridge.

Traverse down left to another col and follow the plateau and slope to the left of the ridge below.

Slopes lead down to a plateau which one usually exits in to the left.

This terrain changes rapidly each year but follow weaknesses through the crevasses down to the next plateau.

Follow open slopes down to the Petit Rogon.

This is a great spot to have lunch and decide which exit you want to choose below.