Grigna Settentrionale from Balisio


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*** source: *** The summit of the Grigna Settentrionale is the highest of the group of the Grigne with its 2410 meters.

It is the arrival point of many routes and it offers a pictoresque view on The Alps and the pre- Alps.

This hike follows the route Balisio - Chiesa del Sacro Cuore, Pialeral, Brioschi following the paths nr.

31 and 33. It's possible to start the trip from Balisio/Ballabio (720 m) or reach by car the Sacred Heart Chapel (820 m approx) along a dirt road whici is approximately 3 km long. Get to Alpe Cova and then to Antonietta Hut at Pialeral (1365 m) with a view over the Pizzo Tre Signori, Grigna Meridionale, Grignone and Zuccone Campelli.

You enter a bare wood following a steep and zig-zag trail.

From here continue through alpine meadows following the steepest line untile finding a leaning rock that serves as a junction for the winter and the summer trail (written in red on the rock). This route follows the winter path for the ascent and part of the summet path for the descent.

This last steep part is a mountaineering route with ranging difficulties depending on snow conditions. The winter trail passes through Baita Comolli and Girani-Riva bivouac (red-windowed hut) and on its steepest part reaches the NW ridge of the Grigna Settentrionale.

From here follow the ridge all the way up to the summit cross and the Brioschi Hut.

The walk on the ridge is the riskiest part because of the formation of charachteristic snow cornices. The descent follows the ridge for the first few meters and then, once reached the Bivouac Merlini, goes down in the valley in the direction of the Antonietta Hut at Pialeral.