An excellent intermediate progression trail.


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Viking is a superb trail for intermediate riders to hone their skills.

If you want to work hard on your bike handling technique so you can tackle more difficult trails in the bike park, like Vapor, then spend some time on Viking! This delightful singletrack is, on the surface, a very easy trail.

The trail tread is overall quite smooth, the grades are mild, and everything appears very approachable.

It’s easily rideable by lower intermediate riders. However, as you start drilling and practicing on Viking, you’ll notice that more difficult features have been built into the trail.

Everything can be ridden around or ridden over but as you get better and better, you’ll find yourself trying to hit the optional drops, jumps, senders, tabletops, and all manner of entertaining air features. Viking is one of those trails that gets better and better the more times that you ride it.

Over time, you’ll continue to notice these optional features and the flow will only get better.

While Viking is one of the original trails in the bike park so yes, it is a bit worn, this trail was a true feat of expert design and construction.

You don’t want to miss it.