Snowmass's iconic black diamond jump line.


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Valhalla is Snowmass’s iconic black diamond jump line.

While not nearly as large as A-Line in Whistler, Valhalla has a similar vibe with a top-to-bottom run of massive berms, table tops, wall rides, and other air features.

Also similar to A-Line, many advanced riders will spend _all day_ simply running laps on Valhalla over and over and over again. The format of the trail is a bit interesting.

The upper section of Valhalla consists of a series of massive back-to-back berms for quite a ways before you ever even reach the first jump.

One great option for riders who aren’t quite so into jumping is to ride the first section of Valhalla’s amazing berms, then to split off onto Viking for easier air opportunities. Eventually, the jumps begin, and they get progressively bigger as you work your way down the mountain.

While not nearly as wide or as long as the jumps on A-Line, the construction quality here is still top-notch.

The speed of the trail is perfectly tuned to the shape of the lips and the size of the tables to set you up for perfect air… if you have the cojones to commit. Near the bottom, a few optional wood features offer big drop options, as well as a whale tale.

Be sure to scope these features before you hit them!