A narrow gully bottom between the Lower Faces and the Hobacks.









Cheyenne Gully separates North Hoback from Lower Sublette Ridge and is accessible from many runs.

The easiest way is to drop in from the bottom of Rendezvous Trail (skier’s right as the trail transitions to flat).

Most people will find themselves in the gully after skiing the tight trees between North Hoback and Rendezvous Trail.

Once you are in the gully, you might find yourself trapped as this gully has steep walls and is quite narrow.

However, you’ll need to exit the gully when you can because towards the bottom there is a virtually impassable section filled with cliffs.

You may find yourself in the gully after chasing fresh tracks, but the flat-bottom of a steep gully is a huge terrain trap and really not the best place to be.

Look for traversing tracks out of the gully (usually as the trees on either side begin to thin) and follow them to either side.