Skier’s right side of the famous Hobacks.









Looking for a leg burner? The Hobacks are the ticket to either a beautifully long powder run or an all out mogul festival.

To find the Hobacks, look for the entrance on the skier’s righthand side of Rendezvous Trail (just after the first wide open, steep section).

The entrance is a narrow opening to a cat-track and should be marked but is easy to miss.

Follow the cat-track past the heavily treed section on your left until the track turns right.

From this point drop in and keep your direction moving to the skier’s right.

Though the South Hoback is mostly an open run, there are definitely treed sections as well as a few cliffy areas so be on the lookout for obstacles.

This is not so much a specific run as much as it is a large area, so look ahead and choose your own adventure! At the bottom hop on the Union Pass Traverse and then the Union Pass Quad to return to the base area.