A lovely cruise on gravel roads, occasional tarmac and some very easy singletrack.


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This ride is a great introduction to riding in the Sella region and features enough interesting terrain to make a good warmup, but not enough to trouble any biker, even a beginner.

Provided you've done a bit of mountain biking and have some basic experience of riding off-road, you'll be fine on this lovely adventure. The trip starts on a new trail next to the river in Corvara, starting from Pineta (the pine tree park).

Before setting out, grab an Italian cappuccino at one of the excellent little cafes in Corvara.

Once riding, follow the river on a gravel road all the way to Badia, enjoying the classic Domomitic views as you do. Like Corvara, Badia has that Italian charm where not much is happening but there's still a bustling energy.

Grab another coffee (you're in Italy - stock up!) and then head up to Ciaminades past some traditional Ladin barns and carry on uphill to a lake called Sompunt.

There's a great little restaurant next to the lake if you're looking for another rest spot. From the lake follow easy singletrack to La Villa.

Pass by some wonderful Ladin architecture including beautiful churches and castles.

There's a short section of tarmac then more singletrack to the tiny village of Verda. From Verda, retrace your route from the start of the day back to Corvara.

The village is home to all sorts of attractions and some good downhill trails too, so if you've got some energy and enthusiasm left, take a ride up a cable car and enjoy a bit more riding.